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"ARAY" Agricultural Aircraft


Video "ARAY" Aircraft At Work:

Designed by  a Canadian company ZENITH AIRCRAFT LTD.

Produced in Kazakhstan by certified company  AviaMaster Aircraft.

Ideal for:

· Aerial application (Crop Dusting)

· Monitoring of gas transmission pipelines and power lines

· Forest fire prevention patrol

· Air ambulance

· Monitoring of wildlife and fisheries resources and for many other tasks

The aircraft is designed to operate outside the airports  for short takeoffs and landings  ( rwy length from 90 meters), semi-prepared runways, arable lands, meadows, mountain plateau, a dry riverbed, sandy shore or shoal and other unsuitable for common aircraft platforms.

The aircraft has a four- seat cabin, where, together with the pilot are conveniently located 3 more people with luggage up to 80 kg (agronomists, observers, repairers, a doctor with patient, tourists, hunters and anglers).

The aircraft has a flight range of 1,000 km on full tanks, fully equipped with navigational instruments for long-distance flights, suitable for business travel in remote areas of the field of operational management and forestry operations.

The aircraft has dual controls and can be used for pilot training.


High performance, cost-effectiveness and safety of “ARAY” provided in its unique flight performance qualities:

• the ability to work "with the edge of the field" without loss of time on the approach / departure procedures  from the airport to the field, obtained thanks to the ability of an aircraft to a short  takeoff and landing on rough surfaces

• exceptional maneuverability at low speed  drastically reduces  loss of working hours at many turns in the processing of fields obtained thanks to robust airframe, the wing and the special design of control surfaces large area

• incredible flight safety at low altitudes reducing pilot fatigue, obtained thanks to the low landing and take-off speed, amazing handling at low speed, excellent visibility from the cab on all directions, a powerful landing gear rack, which excludes the risk of nosing and provides a safe take-off and landing with a strong crosswind on a rough surface

• Ultimate simplicity of maintenance and low cost of operation, provided the minimum requirements  to CH 8000AG “ARAY” maintenance, full serviceability of the aircraft infield, using of A-95 / A-96 (premium) automotive motor gasoline as a regular fuel


CH801-HD EW “ARAY AGRO” is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and doesn’t need additional improvements, equipment and settings.

Chemical equipment onboard:

270 liters built-in removable spray tank for pesticides, bars with a set of slotted nozzles, fixing set, hoses, filters and fittings for connection, two  30L / min feeding pumps for a rate from 0,1L to 12L per hectare, the control system;


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